Case Studies

No Starburst Insights project is ever the same.

Check out some work examples that put a spring in our step.

Case Study One

Brand & Advertising Tracking

Casting the net wider and digging deeper

The challenge from our client was to create a holistic brand and advertising tracker to incorporate their key products and services to understand category dynamics underpinning the masterbrand. Our solution was a customised tracking program designed to be both diagnostic and dynamic. Strategic, story-led reports provide our client with insights at both the category level as well as the big picture brand view.

Case Study Two

Market Understanding & Shopper Profiling

Transforming the retail experience

How does a leading consumer technology brand go about retail transformation? Our multi-tiered approach had us visiting stores with shoppers, chatting to influencers and retail trends experts and surveying recent purchasers and active shoppers to size the prize. The outcome? A pipeline of fresh ideas for our client along with actionable insights to inform retail strategy right down to the store level.

Case Study Three

User Experience

Life in the fast lane

An Australian supermarket chain wanted to understand the user experience of their evolved self-checkout system - so we went grocery shopping with everyday Australians to understand the ‘in the moment’ experiences. We brought the insights to life for our client in an engaging visual debrief with photos and videos to highlight the in-situ ‘aha’ moments and support our recommendations.